Beijing : Part 01

Last week, I went to Beijing. So I'm guess this is the best time for me to reunite with my D300s after about a month I didn't take her out for shooting. Also I took this chance to make an attempt to shoot streets, first time ever.

First time been in Tune Hotel. Small room with a big mirror. Taken before we left for LCCT.

No Trolley Beyond This Point

My first time getting into International Departure Hall.


Promo time :P Lets flyyyy ~ up up here we go *fem - rocketeer*


mineral water

Never bought any meals on flight before.

Actually we're not flew straight to Beijing but to Tianjin instead, then a travel bus will take us to Beijing. First thing to do when we arrived at Beijing is eat ! ~

Father and Daughter

I took this photo before I ate my lunch, right after I finished, I saw the father already exchanged his seat with his daughter because she had hard times to eat her meal while ray of sunlight fell straight on her face before that.


And this might be a submission for fyeah37

In front of the hotel.

While on the way to Forbidden City.

Bad composition, I know, I blocked the main building.


Forbidden City.

A random guy did a push up using a car. He even used the gate to stretch out before that.


And waiting.

Forbidden City

Like a Boss

Like a boss.

The father looks really tall.

Family Portrait.


Nice Hat

Nice hat yaw ~

Hello ?

Lady in red.

Wanna buy some happiness ?

to be continue...


  1. wahh looks really appealing. next trip, tianjin! :D

  2. thank you Cha'a, insyaAllah kalau ada masa dan rezeki, boleh pegi lagi. :)


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