Iftar with Yana

Sounds like I was dating someone right ? Haha no, I'm not. Well I was asked by Rosh to accompany him to Iftar with his friend, Yana and her fans ( but she preferred to address them as super friends ).

Thought it would be a casual one, just eat and go home after that, but no, it turned out to be so-called mini gathering, and there is another session after iftar, a small game/competition/telematch held by Yana herself and the president of the fanclub, the guy who in green baju melayu, and yeah I joined them played the game, it was awkward but fun.

Unfortunately, I stopped halfway in order to test out my X100, yes another reason why I decided to come, instead of getting free meals. Result ? IMO, I effing love it.

Yeay. Finally, got one for this year. :P


  1. Brader Bear > Fuyoh !

    Zid > Jangan risau bro. aku masih di team Foreveralone.jpg

  2. Adijin > Oh Yana ni pelakon drama/filem. tshirt ni beli kat threadless hehe

    Irsyad > Thanks Jambu :P


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